IT Cluster Veliko Tarnovo

Welcome to IT Cluster Veliko Tarnovo, a non-profit association registered in the Veliko Tarnovo (Bulgaria), comprising initially 14 IT companies from the Veliko Tarnovo region. Our shared mission is to establish the Tri-Cities area — comprising Veliko Tarnovo, Gorna Oryahovitsa, and Lyaskovets—as a prime destination for initiating and growing IT businesses.
Founded in September 2019, IT Cluster Veliko Tarnovo aims to create an open and accessible environment that supports creative and innovative IT companies. We are dedicated to making the region more attractive for those looking to flourish in the information technology sector, assisting local businesses, administrative bodies, and academic communities in maximizing the benefits from digital technologies.

Our strategic objectives include helping our members explore and secure market opportunities both locally and abroad, recruiting qualified personnel, participating in European programs, and fostering communication and mutual support among people, educational institutions, local and state governments, and businesses linked to the IT industry. Additionally, we strive to promote IT career opportunities among the region’s youth, helping to inspire the next generation of technological innovators.

Join us in our journey to transform the Veliko Tarnovo region into a hub of IT excellence, innovation, and collaboration.

Together we are creating the IT future of the Tri-Cities!