TARNOVO CONF in Veliko Tarnovo gathered over 100 participants
On April 27, Business Center Veliko Tarnovo brought together people with a passion for IT innovation and technology. The occasion was TARNOVO CONF 2024. The event attracted over 100 students, students, IT professionals and enthusiasts, establishing it as an important platform for the exchange of knowledge and experience in the technology sector.

IT Cluster Veliko Tarnovo (ITCVT) is proud to participate as a gold sponsor of the conference, supporting the initiative to promote technology education and professional development in the region. The first lecture of the conference was delivered by Yuri Stoyanov, a member of the ITCVT Board of Directors, who introduced the participants to the history and development of different methods of text encoding in computers.

The conference program included a variety of topics, focusing on current aspects of hardware technologies, building and managing cloud systems, as well as skills for effective communication and team management. These lectures offered valuable lessons and practical advice that are particularly relevant to the development of the IT sector.

Holding such events establishes the Tri-City area of Veliko Tarnovo, Gorna Oryahovitsa and Lyaskovets as a preferred destination for IT business development and attracting new talent and investment to the region.

ITCVT expresses its gratitude to all participants, speakers and organizers who contributed to the success of TARNOVO CONF and looks forward to the next editions of the conference.


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