More than 30 IT companies gathered in Business Center Veliko Tarnovo
On May 17th in the spacious Hall 1 of Business Center Veliko Tarnovo was held a landmark meeting organized by IT Cluster Veliko Tarnovo. The event brought together the owners and managers of more than 30 IT companies from the region to discuss the development of the Tri-City (Veliko Tarnovo, Gorna Oryahovitsa, Lyaskovets) as a centre of attraction for education, career and business in the IT sector.

The meeting, entitled "How to make Trigradie a magnet for education, career and business in the IT sector?", offered a platform for lively discussions and ideas. Participants in the brainstorming session actively contributed suggestions for IT infrastructure improvements, making life easier for young IT professionals, lobbying for improved transportation links, and support and collaboration between IT firms and educational institutions in the area.

The second part of the event was dedicated to presentations where participants had the opportunity to share successes and challenges in their companies' operations. This provided an opportunity to uncover potential synergies and new business opportunities between the companies present.

The event concluded with a cocktail reception where participants continued to exchange ideas and network in an informal atmosphere, which reinforced the main objective of the meeting - to create a stronger and more integrated IT community in the Tri-Cities.

The gathering of so many professionals and leaders in the IT sector under one roof not only highlighted the importance of cooperation for the development of the region, but also launched new initiatives that promise to transform Veliko Tarnovo and the surrounding cities into a true IT hub in Bulgaria.







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